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IV: - What the market economy is?

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Concept of "free market" - The experience of the former socialist countries from East central Europe - What economic reform means - Social evolution and the economic reform. V: - Truth hypostases in the information issued through mass ooo vlad trading - Efficient ways to approach the business journalism - The place of the business journalism in the transition mechanisms - How to decode the economic text - Objective and subjective in the present press.

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VI: -A real privatization, with no control of the state on the enterprises, not even in tax policy - The speed up of the stock exchange establishment - A proper and specific clear up for the problem of the ownership certificates and coupons, but a real one not a Govern position - Privatization in agriculture.

From promisses to reality; attempts to dilute or cancel it - The role of a general will of the people to remake or to take over the free market economy that had existed and had operated in pre-war Romania. To be widely mediatizated with the possible corrections in order to try to apply it today.

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VII: - Stock exchange and its role in the market economy mechanisms and operation mode - Reform opportunity and necessity for the country economy - Certificates of ownership - masked electoral campaign or transfer of propriety?

VI: If the economic reality does not help us even contradicts us, our endeavour becomes "propaganda"!

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Thus, the common citizen will be enlightened only by direct contact with the economic reform. Ooo vlad trading this purpose perhaps a topic would be "the mode the common citizen perceives the reform".

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XIII: - the ownership certificate into the context of th-,privatization process - accurate appraisal of the short term perspective ooo vlad trading the privatizable enterprises - speculative operations on the estate market - economic information in the service of shareholders - banking deposit and investments in efficient activities.

XIV: - what a free market is o free market economy - how to make s decision in an incert economic environment - dynamics of the economic phenomena - business legislation and its limits - the dividends - a miracle or disappointment? XV: How to choose the enterprise to invest in?

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